George Run Trail and the Discovery Nature Trail

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The George Run Trail goes throughout the park. There are parking places in about 5 to 7 places. So you can make a long hike or a short hike.

Your hike can be a more level hike like the one in the picture above or one that is going up and down hills. There are parts of the trail that are covered in trees and forest and other areas that have more bushes and sand. You will probably see wild animals during your hike. Turkey, dear, squirrels and rabbits roam the land around here.

Here are a couple of turkeys I was able to get a picture of as they were running from me.

 Just make sure you bring some water with you as the heat in Southeast Louisiana can get into the 100's in the summer. Normally the summers are hot and winters are mild. Spring and Fall are great times to come as you can still enjoy the water sports but the hiking is a little bit easier because the temperature will be between 70's and 80's. Many people like to hike on the trails for exercise. Many of the RV campers that go from park to park hike the trails to keep the weight off and stay healthy.

Discovery Nature Trail is a forest trail with a variety of trees and bushes. Parts of this trail is very hilly.

The Discovery Trail is enjoyable as you are in the shade of the large trees that keep the temperature down a little. Most of the trails have a rock and shell pathway. Wear some good hiking or tennis shoes.

Trail leading out to one of the beaches by the canoe rental area.

Creeks run through different parts of the park and can be seen as you hike the trails.

Alligators and Turkeys At Bogue Chitto State Park Louisiana