Alligators At Bogue Chitto State Park
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Lakes and Fishing
There are several lakes at the park that make for some excellent fishing. The ponds are stocked with bass, catfish, bream, white perch, sunfish, black perch and alligator gar. You can catch these fish with a variety of bait both live and artificial.

Many of these fishing ponds may have alligators in them. The ponds back by the area of the water park are the main lakes where an alligator may bee seen. Do not feed the alligators. It can become dangerous if people feed the alligators and they get use to humans. Most of the gators in the wild will swim from people. If they find that people mean feeding time then they my get more aggressive and not fear humans. This can poise a danger if they get use to being fed and will actually come toward you. Believe you do not want a 6 to 8 foot gator as your friend.

There are several shelters around the lake. BBQ pits and picnic table included.

Walkway around part of the lake by the water park. Great place to catch fish because of the long shoreline you have available.